How to Buy Intimate Women Apparels Securely and without the Guilt

Let’s be honest. It’s great wearing intimate women apparels in the comfort of your home, but who really wants to go out shopping for them.

I don’t have the Mona Lisa body but who said I can’t dress as sexy as I want to. A shopping trip to one of the local women’s boutiques on the other hand demands a bit of patience and the will to forget about the stares and questioning one gets. I remember once when I was bluntly asked if it was my intention to buy my lingerie for my daughter. Why would I be shopping for my daughter?

The good news is that we now have online women apparels shops that can get rid of that feeling of having to please others. I now shop online for all my needs and I’m all the happier for it.

Women Apparels

But where do you shop or worse, how do you know that you got the right size and even designs.

We’ve all heard of those stories of buying something that looks absolutely gorgeous online but on receiving the package it’s a totally different product. I call this the wonders of Photoshop models. Sure there are a lot of unscrupulous online shop owners who will do anything to sell their poor quality clothes. Since I have no intention of falling for a bait and switch style con game, I depend on a money back guarantee.

I will not shop online unless the shop has a no fuss money back guarantee. Honest traders are willing to bear the brunt of false advertising. That guarantee is mandatory.

To go with the money back guarantee, I also like shopping in places where there are reviews for the intimate clothing I want. It is not lost on me that if I really like something, I have the tendency of telling people how happy I was. So it’s not a leap of faith when I see a lot of reviews on a particular clothing line. It doesn’t matter whether the reviews are positive or negative. I’m mostly interested in finding out if the online shop delivered what they said they would. The question I’m seeking to answer is, were the clothes on the photo actually delivered and were they the quality advertised?

This is probably the reason I’m slowly getting to love The best thing about the shop is that I get to see all the latest trends in women’s apparel worldwide. Of course we all want to have trendy clothes but what will the neighbors say about them? That’s why their reviews section is like a gold mine of information. You get to read all the reviews of women who either love or hate the product. I’ve also seen some men reviews and that makes shopping for intimates even better.

It has become my first port of call when I’m shopping for something. Rather than go straight to a huge shop like Amazon, I get to understand what others have tweeted about a particular style on the platform.

What to watch out for When Shopping Online for Women Apparels?

But it’s not all a bed of roses when searching for intimates. Sure a platform like the one I’ve mentioned before is great, but there are still a lot of pot holes you have to wade through.

The first thing you have to watch out for is that you get your correct measurements. I know, it seems like it’s rather obvious, but the truth is we all love embellishing information such as our correct bust size. When filling out the size in the shopping cart, all looks very good to you, but it’s a wasted exercise if you can’t fit into your new clothes.

So whatever you do, make sure you have the right measurements to avoid having to return the item.

It’s ok to seek a second opinion when shopping online too. Shopping is best when you have someone with you. Just because you are online does not mean that you can’t have someone next to you as you choose the right colors and styles. I always have one of my friends at home with me on my online shopping binges. She helps me pick mine as I help pick hers. It really does make it fun. Just try it.

You should also take care not to give out too much information about yourself on the internet. I don’t think I have to repeat that, but it’s always important to have that at the back of your head. I have some friends who just loved shopping anywhere they could online. The only problem is that a small number of these online shops were actually scam setups.

So as a rule of thumb, I only shop in places I know rather than every intimate shop I find online. Personally I have only one credit card for my online shopping. This ensures that I keep track of all the expenses that appear on it and can quickly figure out any discrepancies.

You do remember that we are talking about buying intimate women apparels online don’t you? The important word there is intimate. So a bit of discretion is required of any shop I’m going to use. I have no interest of being used as a marketing tool for their advertising. So websites that promise my privacy are absolutely important to me.

The days when shopping for intimates were a secret affair still remains. The good news however, is that now you don’t have to feel guilty or hide yourself behind dark shades when you shop. You can still buy those clothes that make you feel sexy and wonderful without the full glare of the public. Take a chance as I did and you will rediscover the joys of buying women apparels in the comfort of your own home.

Reasons Why You Could Invest In Student Letting

Invest In Student Letting

Looking at the latest statistics shows that student rent is on the rise in Southampton and Portsmouth Student Lettings area. Massive shortage of student housing in the University campuses and slow pace of increasing the housing units have caused this latest development.

On the North side this is different, since there were no major shifts of the prices they pay on a weekly base. The 2013 stats show that the increase was from £77.04 to £79.42. This is a worrying trend, since more students will face challenges to enroll for a course in the Southern Universities.

Cities accommodating the major institutions in the North have not changed much in fact, they seem to have at the same position, but the story is different in the South.

Student accomodation in the North is extremely cheap and its inclusive of all the bills like electricity, water and others and the best thing is that the availability has doubled since 2008.

Private halls have increased up by 1.5% in, their average rent which is 63% more on rental value, which can be equated to £129.45 vs. £79.42. However, in the North-South grade, the mean rental values have shown a clear dissemination as years pass. This is becoming a good investment plan for landlords in the South, but most of them have a negative belief when it comes to renting your houses to Students.

Most of the students are taken to be messy and difficult to understand, financial compromises so who in their right minds wants to rent them their premises. Students have more challenges when it comes to the demands they present. In some instances they are either living away from home for the first time and ask a lot of expectations of the place they want to lets. Another thing most students have no slightest idea of how a household should be run. Secondly, they might have been living in the University hostel where everything was done for them. So it is ideal to come up with ways that will help accommodate such needs. Leading to students is a good investment due to the following facts.

  • Most students are able to fit in a smaller space as compared to those letting for household purposes.
  • Students can live anywhere as long as they can get transport to attend the classes.
  • They do not have so much expectations such as power showers, infinity pool, trendy sinks even though they would like.
  • They will put up with any condition as long as the place is in the right state that is they would not mind fluffy carpets, wallpapers.
  • They would not mind paying rent for three months in advance.
  • Often you’ll find that the rent is being paid for by the parents and you will not have problem of unpayments
  • There is no problem of sitting tenants since the students will mostly move out when they finish their course.

However, these houses are more demanded than ever and it would be the right time to look at this option if you think of investing in the housing sector.

My Favorite Women Apparels for Winter 2014

Winter is coming upon us fast make no mistake about it. I just love the snow and the many non-school days coming but I really do hate the fact that I can’t look as cool as I want to during the season. Or so I thought. Becoming a savvy shopper means that I can still find women apparels for the winter in 2014 that make me still look as great as ever as I’m busy trying to stay warm.

Some time back the winter season meant that I would have to wear heavy clothing. We all know that heavy clothing can make you lose the shape you have worked so hard to show off. But not anymore. The world of fashion has come up with great women apparels that are trendy, sexy and don’t have to be heavy to wear or carry around.

My favorites have to be hats, leggings and the good ol’ winter jacket. Being my 20’s means that even though I need these, I still have to look extremely good in front of my friends. So here are some gems I found recently. You should probably try them too.

Women Girl Slouchy Knit Beanie Winter Newsboy Snow Hat

Yes it’s a hat but a sexy hat, isn’t it?

There are two things I absolutely love about this hat. One; it covers the ears completely. This should help keeping that cold winter wind away from your ears. Second, the top not only shades the eyes from the sun but it looks even better than a baseball hat.


In a master stroke of design, this hat has both form and function. It says that you can look sexy and elegant without punishing yourself in the winter cold. You can read more about it here.

Fashion Knee High Leg Socks Blanket Winter Knit Crochet Warmer

Most women’s apparel covers the winter weather outdoors. Indoors, most of us are left to wearing thermal warmers and jeans. There is only so far that wearing jeans can take you in terms of style. That is until these high leg socks that look like knit crotchet came along.

Now you can stay warm in the living room as you wear your favorite skirt without having to reuse your favorite pair of jeans every day. They are very warm but at the same time they look absolutely amazing. The fact that they come in many colors is only beaten by the fact that they are cheaper than a cup of coffee from a high end java shop.

Women Apparels Winter Leggings

This is an absolute must have especially if you want to continue wearing your favorite skirt indoors.

There is a new class of women apparels designers who have come to understand the women psyche. We may love a coat because it makes us keep warm in the winter, but there is nothing that beats a beautiful designed piece of clothing. Now if you have one that keeps us warm and then makes us look great, then you have a winner. For me, these two are simply great accessories to have this coming winter. Try them out.