Some Ways to Stop Unwanted Guitar String Noise

Insufficient coordination between left and right hand

Chances are that if you play the string with your right hand, you have one or more strings have not pressed with the fingers of your left hand with sufficient force against the neck. Read our advices and tips for the basic position of your left hand and your right hand to play Yamaha Fg700S guitar.

The solution is theoretically simple: make sure that all non-open string you want to press is in good contact with the neck of the key at the moment the fingers of your right hand strike strings. This result can be achieved slowly through the handles exercise and thereby make sure that you practice each finger with sufficient pressure on the underlying nerve. Make sure you do not press the string unnecessarily hard, because this reduces the flexibility to play and can lead to injuries. The aim is to find exactly the right pressure at which the well string is pressed against the key.

Wrong technique when inserting or lifting of the fingers on the left hand

Make sure the string is always pushed the button vertically downwards. Let your finger like a helicopter on the belt countries. Many people, however, tend to slide their finger as a plane to be inclined downwardly to land and then slide another piece of the runway (in this case, the string) before coming to a stop. It is bound to be a lot of friction.

Imagine that you want to put a finger on the fourth position on the D string to the second position on the A string. The tendency is to take the shortest route, while slanting to position on the A-string is great. In this approach, there is a lot of friction occurs on the string, and is the probability of an unintended large sub sound. It is better to focus to position of your finger carefully over the place where you want to push the string with the finger. Let your finger as it was a taking off helicopter. If you could bring up the finger diagonally, you run a greater risk of unintended noises.

Unnecessarily heavy sliding on strings while playing

Usually it’s your left hand which caused a nasty sound when sliding on one the wrapped strings. What if the squeaky, scratchy or raspy noise is caused by sliding a finger of your left hand on the bass strings? For example if you are using barre chords to play your position?

This kind of slide over a certain string is often aimed at improving the monitoring of changing the handles. Classical guitarists tend to adopt the following three solutions:

  • Lift the finger that you want to shove, only very lightly on the string. While doing so, however contact with that guitar string.
  • Do not slide your finger itself, but with the side of the fingertip in Seagull S6. Do this after you have removed the pressure of the finger on the string by which finger to lift a little bit.
  • Try scrolling with the soft ‘cushion’ of your fingertip which leads to a better result.


Buy a guitar for beginners: what Kind, Brand and Price?

Buy a guitar? This is obviously very personal choice. One will find a red guitar beautiful, while the other a black and another blue. This choice, though easy to make, but the choice in a guitar brand and type of guitar is often a bit more difficult, so … I’m going to tell you a lot easier way in this article.

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Buy a guitar, but what kind, brand and what price

Opt for a Spanish or Western guitar?

First let me emphasize that I recommend everyone to start on an acoustic guitar! Broadly speaking there are two types of acoustic guitars: the Spanish (classical) guitar and western guitar.

The Spanish guitar has nylon strings, a typical Spanish sound and a wider neck. For children, teenagers or people with short fingers, this type of guitar can cause problems.

Western guitar, however, has steel strings and a narrower neck. The sound is often harder and fuller, which is nice. Also, the guitar strings on a Western guitar can be replaced much easier than with a Spanish guitar. I therefore advise you to buy an Western acoustic guitar.

What guitar brand should I choose?

Best Guitar BrandsBig brands for acoustic guitars include Martin, Fender, Gibson, Taylor, Takamine and Ovation. These are therefore a bit more expensive. For a best beginner guitar in this category you have to consider between € 150, and € 300.

Cheaper beginners guitars include Crafter, Vintage, Yamaha and Ibanez. For a beginner guitar in this category you have to consider between € 50, and € 150

In both cases, I would purchase a suitcase / guitar bag. A scratch on your first guitar hurts you… no matter what it cost.

The issues when buying a guitar

In acoustic guitars range, there are also types that can be strengthened, also called semi-acoustic guitars

Sometimes you also see that there is a crescent from the wood at the front view of your guitar or at the bottom, called a cutaway. This allows you to get easier access to the higher notes. This is used mostly by guitar solos

How many guitar solos you think you can play as a beginner? Right! ZERO. At the attention you have to realize that something “extra” on your guitar and therefore costs money! A guitar without these extras, for example, € 150,  is often better than a guitar with these “extras” for the same price!

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Little extras expenses for beginners

Buy direct a tuner and a metronome on board (a must!).

Note that you buy a stand for an acoustic guitar and not a power

Finally, buy a few picks of different thicknesses. These costs often only € 1 each. Tell the seller that you are a beginner guitarist.

Finally, I would say that there are definitely guitars for under € 150, – but then you will find that a bad idea. A cheap guitar out of tune very quickly and often sounds thin. A few months after purchasing, you will have to take them to maintenance.

Good luck with your purchase!

Just For You – Your Custom Electric Guitar

Most electric guitar players, after they have been playing for a while, start thinking about the next step instrument wise – a custom electric guitar. In fact, for many, the custom electric guitar is the mark of the true professional.

For each, this naturally takes on a meaning of its own, from a neck that more comfortably fits your hand all the way to a completely custom electric guitar as special as those in Billy Gibbon’s collection. This wide range of choices can confuse many, so perhaps a quick look at the subject would be in order.

Custom Electric Guitar
Custom Electric Guitar

Options for Your Custom Electric Guitar

The range of choices is even more varied than the people looking for them, so it can help to narrow down the choices before getting into designing your custom electric guitar. Let’s start with what you have now. If you want a custom, then there must be some features of your current guitar that you might like to see improved.

Is the neck too long, or too short? Are the pickups in the way of your comfortable strum? It could be that the frets bother you. Changing any of these can fine-tune your playing experience and help you be more comfortable each time you pick your custom electric guitar up.

Don’t just concentrate on the negatives of your current setup. Look to the positives as well. If something is particularly comfortable, or even just familiar about your old guitar, measure it, and it can help plan the placement on your new rig. You have been playing it for a while, after all, so there must be some good there, don’t lose it reaching for the new thing.

The Next Level

This may be the point where you take what you have learned so far and have a rough plan for your new custom electric guitar. Now you can step it up to the next level, and start thinking about materials and finishes such as things like weight and colors that you like. But, if you are really ready to make a statement, look to things that have meaning for you.

Some frequently asked questions of beginner guitar player

  1. What should be learned first?

– Depending on your personal preference. Do you like classical, they must buy a heap of classic books to study. But today most people learn guitar with short-term objectives, not much passion, should not be the shape you really like something.

But something, too, must go through the basic front, rhythm, beat, bow, distance, altitude distance of notes … The basic knowledge you have learned in class 6 and 7.

  1. There needs to learn music theory?

– We should. No music theory you will not be able to understand why this is so, why to listen to songs in rhythm 2/4, 3/4 or 4/4 … But you just need to know at a sufficient level, do not need much.

An attractive young teenage woman with an acoustic guitar

  1. How do you know this song in any tone, rhythm yet?

– This question is related to negative feelings of each person. Someone heard one coming soon, but there are also people curious throughout the whole wrong. It’s like asking you: “How did start win ball” so.

– You’ll have to practice for this, by listening to music a lot, and invested more time to pay attention to the rhythm and beat of the song.

  1. What is a sound stage? Why is it important?

– Can you understand something like the following: Music during an 8 pitches chain increase / decrease from low to high and back again, and with the rules?

– E and F vary chromatically, B and C vary chromatically equivalent to 1 Guitar fretboard on us. As for the rest vary 2 frets, ie 1 bow.

– Music during important in helping you solo tunes, played fingerstyle your homemade way, detect chords for songs.

  1. How to detect chords for the song?

– You need to identify who sings in public spots, at least so, and to put it on the guitar. Initially, you will find very difficult to do this, but if you practice in a time long enough, will find this is quite easy. And note that you detect in the wire 1 2 3 is enough, no need to detect bass strings, because our ears hear the bass often less than the pitches in on the high wire. This is my personal experience.

  1. How to make the intro to the song?

– Creating intro for the song many ways, as I have shown in the clip below:

– You will wonder, why re-invent themselves to be? Answer: This is based on the ability of each person playing fingerstyle have different styles of play. But you do so depends on the tab will be embarrassed, or confused when too many tabs online, not knowing what to choose. You should practice how to create intro from now, from today, and must use its authority to devise sound.

– Note: Intro, or outtro your bridge creation will be affected greatly by the music you hear.

  1. Newer first hand playing hurt too, how to hand pain now…?

– Who turned new so all you see. The price to pay when you started playing guitar left hand will be hardened, not soft like before play guitar anymore. You will have to deal with the disease left-hand cramps while playing chords like F, Bb press in the form of a complete block. What … unavoidable. In the first half year will be the most difficult period of time you need to overcome, but then, if anyone practicing with methodical, passionate, do not be afraid of suffering, pain and saw that story mosquito hand!

Should children learn guitar?

Choose a good guitar is not too difficult for the majority of people were practicing guitar, you just need a little sharp-eyed and listening, you will surely find a suitable guitar. However, during the process of understanding and buy guitar, you should pay attention away from some guitar follows.

Before deciding to buy guitar children for children, most parents have the same question:

• Should children not learn guitar?
• Learning Piano, Organ, or learning to play the guitar?
• Do children start learning guitar from what age?


First: the appropriate age for children to learn guitar? This content we have discussed with you in previous articles, to see the article invite you to click HERE.

Second: There is no concept of a better musical instrument, by way of art, music depends on the interests and passions of children and your finances. So you should pay close attention to see children excited and favorite discoveries which instrument before spending money on the musical instrument.

Third: With guitar: Undeniably one thing that guitar is the instrument have formed quite simple but a lot of people of all ages love. Because the music that guitar created has a strange allure. Therefore, the demand for guitar, learning guitar is becoming a problem among teens and parents particularly interested. Many families decide to children studying guitar since childhood.

Here are the reasons you should let children learn guitar:

  • Learning guitar helps children learn how to express themselves

Knowing how to present ourselves as one of four communication skills you need to teach children when they are up 3. Skills to express themselves correctly and protective personal views to communicate effectively are one of the most valuable skill for anyone in the modern world. And it to be formed soon.
At an early age, get used to the new environment at the school, many of them were quite shy, few express themselves and their personality. Several other children from poor academic pretty shy in the classroom. Then learn guitar would be a solution to help them know how to express themselves more. Children will learn to play the guitar, learn how to perform on stage, to maintain themselves, control their emotions in front of people, is solo or with a friend performing in the choir. Since then, the expression of children in the class will be optimistic and confident.

  • Learning guitar to help children develop the ability to communicate

The learned and performed guitar in front of people make the kid feel more confident in front of the crowd. Specifically, performing with friends to help them learn to get along, teamwork, helping them more active participation and feedback with people. Communication skills important in a child’s maturation process. When children are confident communication they will have much more chance of success.

  • Learning guitar to help children develop a rich imagination

With guitar or any musical instrument, to play a good music, children should be able to better imagine and invent their own ways of playing from the children learned. Not just music, but also learn how to evaluate sound, music analysis on altitude, bank, children will practice the reflections, feeling to hear new music. Music has always had a positive impact to help children’s brain development, unleash their imagination.

  • Learning guitar helps children expand social relationships

In this era when technology is growing rapidly, many people easier withdrawing into the virtual world on the social networking site. Definitely, somewhere you’ve ever encountered parents who leave their children to play games on the phone or watch movies, read books on the iPad … the kids enthralled technology that missed childhood experiences can never get back. These children with strangers often have signs of timidity, even children have signs of fear of strangers, to stay away from and not dare to talk.

But when you give a child enrolled Guitar classes, children will have the opportunity to get acquainted with new friends, new teachers, join the new club and have many exciting experiences far more than sitting PC side. Thanks to the instrument Guitar, a common access point will help the child to easily strike up a conversation with others.


Because of the benefits that the guitar brings, guitar not only music but also may become targets for children to develop and pursue as a future art. It also builds more necessary skills for children in life. Thus, in the learning process is not just patience from children whose families also have the same tenacity in encouraging children to this artistic path.